KodeCraft LIMS
with AI Functionalities

KodeCraft Laboratory Information Management System system is a comprehensive AI system that stores
and manages all laboratory-related data, including test results, sample information and experimental data.

360 Enterprise Application

This software solution support modern laboratory’s operations and allows effective integration of automate workflows, instruments synchronization, test samples and associated information.

Laboratory Automation

Manage, organize, and automate laboratory workflows and data; from sample tracking to data analysis and reporting. This KodeCraft LIMS automate processes, reduce manual errors, and provide real-time data access.

Quality Control

With a user-friendly and easy to navigate interface. KodeCraft Lims is intuitive, requiring minimal training for laboratory staff to use. This will help reduce the learning curve and ensure efficient adoption of the system.

Tested By Expert Scientists

Our clients and consultanst are improving reports with real time results, feedbacks and streamlining laboratory workflows. Adapting to changing laboratory needs and technologies.

Features of KodeCraft LIMS Include:

  • Sample Management & Results Management
  • Data Management & Inventory
  • Booking & Home Visits
  • User Roles & Permission Management
  • Bio Data Management
  • Accounting
  • Workflow Management
  • Quality Control
  • Live Chat
  • Branches Management
  • Activity Logs
  • Database Backup & Reporting and Analytics

System Mockups

KodeCraft LIMS with AI Functionalities helps laboratories to manage their data, including test results, quality control data, and audit trails, while ensuring compliance with regulations and standards. It provides real-time access to data for analysis and reporting, enabling laboratory staff to make informed decisions quickly.

Packages & Pricing

We stay at the forefront of technological trends, ensuring that our LIMS solutions are always cutting-edge and future-proof. Our team is committed to providing ongoing support, ensuring that your IT environment remains secure, stable, and optimized.



  • Sample Tracking and Management
  • Result Entry and Reporting
  • Data Security and Audit Trail
  • User Access Control
  • Basic Reporting and Data Export
  • Email Notifications
  • Basic Customer Support



  • All Basic Package Features
  • Instrument Integration
  • Advanced Reporting and Data Analysis
  • Quality Control and Assurance
  • Customizable Templates and Workflows
  • Data Security and Audit Trail
  • 24/7 Customer Support



  • Tailored to Specific Needs and Requirements
  • Unlimited Customization and Integration Capabilities
  • Dedicated Account Manager and Priority Support
  • Scalable Infrastructure for Large-Scale Operations
  • Comprehensive Training Programs and Documentation

Meet our experts

Our aim is to revolutionize the way labs leverage technology. We strive to be the catalyst for growth and transformation, providing comprehensive IT solutions that align seamlessly with your unique goals and objectives.


Derick Ofosu-Koranteng

IT Consultant

Dr. Paul Owusu-Oduro

Research & Lead Consultant

Michael Abbey

Full-Stack Developer

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KodeCraft LIMS is a modular, customizable, cloud and server based system that includes built-in analytics and reporting tools and is designed to help laboratories comply with regulatory requirements. Let’s talk about your LIMS project today, Our team is on standby!. Email: business@cyclux.com